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Pizzafestival tour! Next stop Enosteria Lipen a Canonica Lambro

The evening will begin with an aperitif on the terrace pizza offered by Salvatore Santucci, owner of the pizzeria Ammaccamm. As assistant to the chef will present young Henry Santucci for the occasion he will prepare the "CurcuMarì" pizza, a pizza marinara revisited with turmeric and buckwheat, plum tomato yellow, yellow piennolo to pacchetelle, marjoram, anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea, monocultivar oil of Peranzana.

The evening will continue with Gennaro Battiloro who will present the pizza "Aioli" with Aioli sauce with fresh dirt garlic Massa and chilli, chlorophyll, parsley, Orbetello bottarga, lemon candied Sorrento (PGI) aeolian Ages.

Domenico Martucci will make us taste his " Langa Flavors "a unique pizza with mushrooms, toma, Bra sausage and truffle.

Luca di Massa will prepare the pizza "Emilia Romagna": Milk Flowers, tips Altedo green asparagus, mousse Bologna mortadella, salami Ferrarese sauce, Her Majesty's black parmesan cheese.

The evening will be completed by the owner Corrado Scaglione and Luca Maggioni with pizza "Dessert," a fried pizza dough with raspberry, with fior di latte ice cream and preserves of berries.


Enosteria Lipen
Via C. P.Taverna, 114 - Canonica Lambro
Tel: +390362919710
E-mail: info@lipen.it
Website: www.lipen.it

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