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Knowing the Italian excellences to disclose and represent them abroad through authenticity, passion, style and innovation of our land

+39 Academy aims to promote the uniqueness of Italian gastronomic culture and hospitality, building relationships and partnerships within the food world and beyond. The real Neapolitan pizza, symbol of Italian style, becomes a territorial identity vehicle to get to know and recognize the real "made in Italy", starting from the quality of raw ingredients, enhancing their specific features and their origin.


The values of our project:

  • to spread the culture of doing and of Italian know-how 
  • to educate through professional and managerial courses
  • to create a "network" system between companies, craftsmen and professionals
  • to distribute excellence products
  • to promote the Italian excellence (not just food)

The brand + 39 ITA has its roots in the passion, the culture and knowledge of the products and services of excellence.

From the origins to today

From the origins to today

Born in Ischia in 1973, Luca Di Massa launched into a career in the food, wine and tourism industry from a very young age and this would take him from Italy to the United States via Japan. Luca realised that the Verace Neapolitan Pizza would be the key to promoting the experience he had matured and transmiting it abroad, through his own work, authenticity, passion, the history of his homeland and the concept of "Made in Italy". In 2006, he opened the Pizzeria Tonino in Bologna with his brothers where he handled the Management side, becoming fiduciary in Emilia Romagna for the AVPN (Verace Neapolitan Pizza Association - Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana). After providing consultancy services for years to restaurants up and down the peninsula, in 2014, +39ITA, an ambitious project that fully embraced his belief of "Learn to Recognise" was launched. With the opening of the first brand restaurant +39 in Castenaso, near Bologna, a successful concept was launched, which rapidly developed in Italy and abroad with the opening of another 5 restaurants. In 2016, Luca met an old friend, Andrea Frabetti, born and bred in Bologna, with an enviable CV in the events and hotel industry earned in national and international hotel chains where he held positions in management, sales and marketing.

The two have an idea, take over the locanda solarola
to turn it into an academy of italian style
Passion, style, creativity, innovation and sharing are the pillars to spread the italian style in the world

Luca di Massa Co-Founder

Andrea Frabetti

Luca di Massa Founder

Luca di Massa


Luca di Massa

Andrea Frabetti
Andrea Frabetti Co-Founder

Andrea Frabetti

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